The options listed below are only some of the most popular, many others are available, such as fossil ivory bridge pins, custom inlay, upgraded cases, other top, back & side woods, etc. Please contact me to discuss any special wants you may have.

Top Woods (AAA Engelmann and Sitka standard)...

Sitka and Engelmann master grade:  $50 and up

Bearclaw Sitka: $50 and up

Carpathian Spruce: $100 and up

German or Alpine Spruce: $150 and up

Red (Adirondack) Spruce: $250 and up

Back and Sides...

Curly Maple: $75 and up

Figured Mahogany: $100 and up

Curly Koa: $300 and up

Madagascar Rosewood: $300 and up

Brazilian Rosewood: $1,000 and up

Many others available on request

Other Options...

Venetian ( soft) cutaway ( FS only): $300

Wood binding: $150 and up

Shell inlaid rosette: $75, shell inlaid top: $175

Slotted Headstock: $300

Shaded Top: $125 & up

Upgraded Waverly tuners: $50 and up

Carbon fiber neck reinforcement $100

The necks on my guitars are generally 1 3/4 wide at the nut, giving a string spacing of 2 1/4 inches. Other neck widths, from 1 5/8 up to 1 7/8, with corresponding narrower or wider string spacing, are available at no charge. FS models generally have a soft “V” neck; round profile, or sharper “V” profiles are available at no charge. Standard neck thickness is 13/16; thin (3/4), or thick (7/8), are available at no charge.

Contact me at jackneeham@mac.com

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