Currently, I have three guitar models, and one Ukulele model for sale. The FS is modeled after the classic Martin OM, with a 25.4” scale, and 14 frets to the body. This model is also available in a 12 fret version, with a 24.9 scale, or 13 frets to the body with either scale length. With the 12 fret, keeping the body shape the same as the 14 fret model moves the bridge to a lower position on the guitar, increasing resonance and responsiveness. The latest two guitars to join the Square Deal family are the “00” and the “0”. The “00” is loosely based on the pre-war Gibson L-00 model, while avoiding some of the design flaws that this instrument had. It is aimed at the country blues / old-time player, with very light weight construction, and a resonant and responsive sound. It’s available as a 12 or 13 fret short scale, or 14 fret long scale. The “0” is based on the early 20th century Martin 0 model. This little guitar has a surprisingly big voice. It is available with standard “X” bracing, or with my unique “hybrid X” bracing. The hybrid bracing uses some aspects of the pre-war ladder-braced guitars, while retaining a little of the sweetness of standard “X” bracing. It’s small size & short scale length make it very comfortable to play.

The Concert Ukulele is the newest member of the Square Deal family. I really didn’t take ukuleles  seriously until building and playing a few, now I’m hooked on them. The Square Deal uke is built with the same careful craftsmanship and attention to detail as the guitars. They are very lightly built for maximum tone and response, with strength achieved thru careful construction and engineering.  A Tenor size Uke is in the works now.

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