Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jack Needham, I am Square Deal Guitar Company (small company!). I build custom steel-string acoustic guitars here in Pittsburgh, PA.  I work by myself from start (often sawing the wood from rough lumber) to finish (spraying nitrocellulose lacquer, fine sanding, buffing & rubbing to a fine gloss).

The guitars I build are inspired by the great acoustics  from the ‘30’s to the ‘50’s, but I’ve chosen to combine some decidedly “old-school” techniques with a few modern refinements.  My main inspirations as a luthier are the many talented musicians I’ve listened to through the years, guitarists and otherwise. They are the true artists, I’m merely a craftsman ( hopefully with a little touch of artist in there too). Whether you buy a guitar from me, or from one of the other talented luthiers out there, I hope you find your own dream guitar!

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Dear Mr. Needham,

  " I took delivery of one of your guitars purchased through Russ Campbell at

Luthiers Pride.  It is a Fingerstyle 000. All I can say is that it is

incredible. The craftmanship, the tone, the playability, all are just

fantastic. It has exceeded all my expectations and I can not put it down."

Robert S.

“I knew when I saw a video of Frank Fotusky playing a Square Deal guitar that the hand of a gifted luthier was at work. Now that I’m holding one of your guitars in my hands, I know that my intuition was right. It’s gorgeously crafted from top to bottom and the sound--evenly balanced, responsive, with a throaty bass. I can only imagine what it’s going to sound like as I play it in. Your guitars definitely deserve greater recognition.”   Ian Z.

"Hi Jack, Thanks so much for the job you did on the guitar. In my mind it is perfect, neck, sound, playability and looks all coming together for my dream acoustic guitar.  The tone is killer, and if it is true about tone improving with time then I will be out of words to describe it."  Sam P.

Dear Jack,

"I recently purchased a model FS-3 En/Koa, S/N 106 from Luthiers Pride.  It is a wonderful instrument and I love the way it plays and sounds.  It looks so nice as well.. Thank you for the fine work and the enjoyment it has already brought." Ron C.

Contact me at jackneedham@mac.com

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